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Charitable Support

Supporting Juvenile Diabetes No Limits Foundation (JDNL) is special for
Hansen Motorsports. Todd was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the
age of 13 months. He manages his diabetes exceptionally well and is
proof that the disease does not have to limit his life’s activities. HMS
appreciates the tagline: “Achieve your Dreams” because that’s how Todd
has lived his life. Both he and the HMS team support the notion that if
you’re diabetic – especially a young Type 1 diabetic – that you can
manage the disease and lead the life you choose. Many athletes with
diabetes have excelled in their chosen sport and Todd joins them to let
others know if they choose to pursue a sport or other active lifestyle or profession, they can do well too.

HMS supports JDNL’s cause called “Check B4U Drive” – a unique safe and performance driving program for teens with diabetes. Reaching driving age is a “rite of passage” for virtually all teens. It signals a time of new-found independence. It’s the first time they will be able to be on their own – away from oversight by parents, siblings, teachers, coaches, school nurses and friends. With personal independence comes responsibility. But Todd and others with diabetes know that if you’re not familiar with recognizing high and low blood sugar episodes “on your own” and being prepared to deal with them, potentially serious accidents can occur from disorientation and potential blackouts! New found independence can result in loss of license and a step backward on the road to adulthood and further levels of personal freedoms.

Check B4U Drive is a program helping teens understand the importance of checking their blood sugar before getting behind the wheel of a car. The program is conducted in three parts – a morning session with professional drivers learning about advanced accident avoidance and driving technique. A second session is with a Certified Diabetes Educator helping teens with diabetes understand how to recognize symptoms of high and low blood sugar levels, how to check and treat before they drive and what supplies they should have in their car. The afternoon is spent behind the wheel practicing accident avoidance and learning to handle a car in critical situations. And above all, the lesson from the morning sessions are carried into the afternoon’s in-car sessions.

Todd and HMS have been proud to support JDNL and Check B4U Drive – with Todd making appearances at Check B4U Drive events around the country.

To learn more about Check B4U Drive, visit www.jdnolimits.org.

Hansen Motorsports has committed its time and energy to helping JDRF raise money in their efforts to find a cure for diabetes. We encourage everyone to consider a donation ... and no donation is too small! JDRF welcomes your support!

If you wish to donate, JDNL has “donate” icons throughout their site. Your generosity will be appreciated and HMS thanks you for your help!

Note: Hansen Motorsports does not receive any compensation for donations made by race fans.

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